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Posting notices will assure that your policies are clear to employees.  Below are some samples
that address common situations and solutions.  Notice the positive, but firm tone.

General Policies
Dear Staff,                                

There is an air of excellence at our establishment that we would like to maintain and even
improve in some areas.  Please follow all policies to give customers the comfort of consistency
and to show that we are professionals.  The food and beverage business is different than all
others and there are many situations that arise daily which you may not be sure how to handle.  
Please follow these policies and ask for guidance or assistance when you aren't sure what to
do in any circumstance.  Understand that we emphasize how important it is for all policies to
be enforced in all instances.  THERE ARE NO EXCEPTIONS!  EXCUSES WILL NOT BE

For those professionals who work among us and who follow these policies, we apologize to
you and hope that your exceptional behavior will be a role model to those who have difficulty
understanding ethics and compliance.  As always, feel free to make suggestions and offer
new ideas.   

~ Arrive on time.  Call if you're going to be late.

~ No employees should be in the kitchen without a hair net or baseball cap.

~ No employees should be in the kitchen, except bussers/runners and servers who are
IIIIIIpicking up orders.

~ No employees should be behind the bar, except bartenders, barbacks and managers.

~ No food will be prepared without a ticket under any circumstance.

~ Food tickets must be stabbed on ticket post when picking up order.

~ Dress to impress, wearing clean, pressed uniform.

~ Appearance:  neatly combed clean hair, excellent personal hygiene (shower, etc.).

~ Keep hands clean, washing often.

~ When things get slow, find something to clean.

~ Keep a professional attitude around customers; let’s watch our language.

~ Cell phones should be used only on breaks.

~ Counterfeit Money:  check lapel of president for ridges using thumbnail.

~ Shifts:  those who choose to ignore policies and guidelines will be at the bottom of the list
IIIIIIfor shifts.

~ Credit Card Tabs:  always ask card holder who may order on the tab.  NEVER make the
IIIIIIassumption that the card holder is paying for everyone in the party. The person who orders
IIIIIIis the person who pays.

~ Dishonorable Behavior:  we have a very supportive team of managers who are always
IIIIIIavailable to help you perform your job and to generate income.  Please understand  that
IIIIIIanyone found cheating a customer, a fellow employee or the establishment will be
IIIIIIdismissed immediately.

~ Smiles:  the very best way to keep a smile on your face is to interact with other people,
IIIIIIgiving them a reason to smile.  You will have a better life if you concentrate on the positive
IIIIIIand say nice things to others.  Tips are always better when you have a good attitude.

~ Suggestions:  we are a team and we all have great ideas, so please feel free to make
IIIIIIsuggestions and let management know of any situations that may need to be addressed
IIIIIIor may help others to do their job better.

~ Politely refuse any offers for a cocktail.  Explain to the customer that you don't drink while
IIIIIIon duty (or that you must have a manager's permission, if that's the case).

Bar Service Guidelines
One of the key ingredients to the most successful businesses is consistency.  Customers
expect to have the exact same experience each time they visit our establishment, including
the drinks, prices and employees.  That's why each employee must be aware of the procedures,
prices and special recipes.  Below are some guidelines for you to follow.    

~ The only free drinks or shots to be given to customers are the house pre-made shots,
IIIIIIunless authorized by a manager.

~ All shots, including chilled shots, must be served in a shot glass or FIRST measured into
IIIIIIthe shot glass, then poured into the glass the customer requests.  
IIIIIIEx:  chilled Patron, Jager, Jack Daniels, Kamikaze, etc.

~ Employees should not buy anyone cocktails during their shift.  House shots and bottled
IIIIIIwater are the best tools to use for showing gratitude to good customers.

~ Mistakes and spills should be rung under a tab labeled with the reason to be voided at the
IIIIIIend of the shift.

~ The best way to serve water is to cheerfully give the customer their option:
IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIa) Would you like to buy a bottle of water for $1?
IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIb) or we also have self-serve water at the end of the bar.
IIIIIIII* Feel free to give special customers a bottle of water at no charge.  We need to learn to
IIIIIIIIbe sales persons, instead of just “fetchers.” :o)

~ Sodas should be served in a pint glass for $3.  Refills are $1.

~ Cocktails should be made using a 1 ½ ounce shot of alcohol, which is a fair and safe portion.  

~ Over pouring is grounds for dismissal.

~ Ring all house shots and bottled water that you comp under a tab and name it PROMO.  

~ Use these promotional tools freely to build your business.

~ Employees may purchase the house bottled water for half-price (50¢).

~ Alcohol Bottles:  it is your responsibility to learn where everything is kept behind the bar,
IIIIIIwhich should remain in the same place every day.  Therefore, do not open a new bottle
IIIIIIuntil the already open bottle is completely empty.

Floor Staff Policies
~ Do not approach the bar without empty glasses on your tray.

~ Help bartenders garnish cocktails and move out quickly.

~ Stay alert to customers' needs.

~ Be familiar with all items on the menus.

~ When you take a break, notify someone to watch your station.

~ Leave your station spotlessly clean and ready for the next shift.

Please remember that it's very important for all employees to follow these guidelines, with no
exception, so that customers know what to expect each time they visit our establishment.  
Thanks for making our bar a fun place to work!
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